What’s in a Name?

I rarely re-blog anything, but this is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. I will be following this blog a little more closely moving forward… Great read!

The Called Stepmom

When my stepson was in elementary school, our home was always full of neighborhood kids after school.  One night, while I was cooking dinner, a few of them wandered into the kitchen to see what I was making.  One of the more precocious boys commented on what an awesome mom I was – and my stepson was quick to correct him: “She’s not my mom!”  His friend was confused, and began to list off all of the “mom” things I do: cook, clean, laundry, buy toys (lol)… Finally, the boy scrunched up his little face and announced, “You’re just like a mom, so I will call you SCH-mom!”  It was stinkin’ cute.

What to call (and not to call!) stepparents is a big hairy deal for many families.  My stepkids have always called me by my first name; in fact, my stepson used to tell people, “This is my Brandi”…

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Responding to the Ex’s Ridiculous Accusations — stepmomhelp.com

REPOST from Jenna Korf. This is an excellent short video… If you are feeling like you’re constantly defending yourself and/or your family, please give this a listen!

“Be really confident in your household that you’re doing the right thing… that you’re parenting together…”

Do not engage! “Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! Block! Block! Block!”

Enjoy! 🙂 (Link below!)

Stepmoms spend a lot of time feeling controlled by the ex because they waste a lot of time responding to ridiculous accusations. Continue reading →

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