Mother’s Day Recap

Well, well, well…

What a long few weeks it has been! Things have been pretty crazy at work (different post for a different day), and I haven’t had a chance to see my therapist (i.e. this keyboard).

The first thing I want to write about and process is Mother’s Day. We’re about 9 days past Mother’s Day, but after the way I left you in the last post, I felt like a recap was necessary.

Mother’s Day, as expected, was a normal day for me and my husband. We drove about an hour away and spent most of the day fishing in new places. We ended the evening with dinner at our favorite spot from the town I lived in when we were long-distance. He did tell me “Happy Mother’s Day,” which was totally not necessary, but appreciated.

The girls were so sweet surrounding Mother’s Day. The two-year old (SD2) painted me a plate at school with her little handprint looking like a flower, and at the top was written, “Love Grows Here.” The back of the plate said, “Mother’s Day 2017.” She gave it to me the Thursday evening before Mother’s Day and obviously, I was shocked! It meant the world to me, and she was so excited to give it to me. When I dropped her off at school the next morning, I thanked her teacher for thinking of me. She replied that she is also a stepmom, and she “gets it.” She also went on to say how excited SD2 was to paint both me and BM a plate, and how she was very particular about what color handprint I had versus what color handprint BM got. That sounded just like my baby…

The evening before Mother’s Day, the girls gave me a card my husband had helped them to purchase. It was a surprise that we even saw them that evening, so I’m not sure how those logistics played out. The day after Mother’s Day, the four-year old (SD4) brought me a card she made at school with a little crafted heart inside, that read, “Mom, I love you to pieces!” She was so excited to give it to me! I love how big both of the girls hearts are, and how much they care about me and their Dad.

Mother’s Day, as with all holidays, is not about the gifts, but it was sweet to be recognized in those small ways. I can say that the time leading up to Mother’s Day was more dreadful than the actual day. I did not cry about the girls, or cry about my mom on Mother’s Day. In fact, I didn’t cry at all! It was a great day spent with my husband doing something we love to do. I have no complaints.

I am confident that over the years, things will become more routine and hopefully, I won’t overthink Mother’s Day as it approaches. I know there will always be certain voids in my heart, but overall I know that I have an amazing family in my husband and babies, and I will always be loved and supported through thick and thin.

Life is good, and I am a very blessed Stepmama!


Five Things: What a Week!

Happy Monday!

I had a great week, despite having serious sinus issues, so I want to share a little about how it went in this weeks Five Things: What a Week!

ONE: My 16-year old cousin. She is having a rough time with her mom (my aunt), and most of her issues are not your typical “teenage-parent rivalry” things… she has actual concerns and valid points. No abuse, people- no worries! But it really does seem like my aunt isn’t making the best personal decisions, and it’s been affecting my little cousin. Y’all- she picked ME to open up to about this! Her cousin who is 10 years older than her. She even attempted to come spend the weekend with us; however, her mom [understandably] wouldn’t let her drive the 2+ hours. It hurts to see my cousin going through a hard time, but I’m so thankful she feels comfortable reaching out to me for advice and/or to vent. Parents, never stop parenting your children! Just because 16-year olds LOOK like they’re 26 these days, does not mean they are. They still need you!


TWO: Our baby + our big girl. (I’ve promised the 4 year old I will abide by her wishes and refer to her as a big girl). We had them the majority of last week and I couldn’t have asked for a better week with them! Also, after months of my husband and I switching vehicles back and forth depending on who takes them/picks them up from school, we bit the bullet and I now have car seats. That’s right- I have reached that point of stepmom-ing. I know this is probably not a big deal, but I am wildly excited about having these car seats! These girls are so similar yet complete opposites. Their sass is out of this world. We have a sensitive one, and a bully. We have one who listens, and one who laughs in your face when you tell her “No.” But they both love on us SO MUCH all the time. It’s funny when you can see them struggling to split their time between me and my husband. Boy, would I love to be inside of their little brains sometimes…

THREE: My Mother-In-Law. This weekend we celebrated her 51st birthday, and she had a great weekend! I’m sure a lot of you have “bad” MIL’s, but mines pretty great most of the time. Even though I prefer spending my weekends with just my husband and the girls, it was nice to spend most of the weekend with my in-law’s, and I know it meant the world to them to have the girls there for so much time.

FOUR: My Job + Work BFF. I love my job, but we really have our slow points! Our work comes and goes in waves, and I most days I am thankful for that. But sometimes, it sure does drag! I don’t know what I’d do without my work bestie CML. She is my go-to vent person for work, life, etc. I typically steer away from getting “too close” to colleagues, but for some reason I let her in. We know way too much about one another, seriously. And we literally laugh all day long. And we send meme’s back and forth all day long. And I’m invested in her! Whether it’s her shitty roommate, or her navigating her new-ish relationship with her “dream guy” (well, we all know dreams are better left to Disney…), I am so invested in her life to the point I go home and keep my husband updated! (On most things… some things are strictly Girl Talk, duh). How blessed am I to have this job, and an excellent Work BFF to share it with!

FIVE: My Husband. (I know, you’re so sick of hearing about him, I get it). But this week I was down for the count with a self-diagnosed sinus infection and he really was my knight in shining armor. He got me medicine, did my chores for me, and just let me relax at home on the nights we didn’t have the girls. (On the nights we had the girls, my sinuses were on the back burner. Like that commercial, “Mom’s don’t get sick days!”). He was off Thursday and Friday and had lunch dates with me both days. I had a coworker point to his picture on my desk and ask if that was my husband, and my immediate out-loud response was, “Yeah, he’s so hott!!” Y’all I’m still so smitten by this man I can’t even handle it.

How was your week? Hopefully you took the time to refocus on what’s important like I did. God Bless and have a great week!