Life Changes

I am a huge country music fan.

A few weeks ago, my husband surprised me with Thomas Rhett concert tickets! Which was a huge shock, not only because it was for no occasion, but also because he really doesn’t care for country music.

Anyway, we went to the concert last weekend and it was amazing. He had Walker Hayes and Dan + Shay opening, and they both were great! Especially Dan + Shay… they should be headlining their own tour, for sure!

I follow Thomas and also his wife, Lauren, on social media. They seem incredible. They are the same age as me (which btw, at the concert, he said “I was born in 1990… any other 27 year olds out there?!” and I screamed so loud I could have popped a blood vessel). Their love story is so touching. He puts her in basically every music video. Within the past year, they adopted a baby from Uganda, then found out they were expecting… so they ended up getting a 1 year old then having a new baby within a couple months of each other. Lauren works with a charity called 147 Million Orphans, a Christian ministry serving children effected by poverty in countries such as Uganda. Seriously, read this blog by Lauren about this ministry… absolutely incredible.

At the concert, Thomas sounded so personable, and so thankful for the opportunity he had to perform for us. He spoke about his kids and Lauren, even saying at one point, “My wife’s going to be so mad she’s missing this!” He changed the lyrics to Life Changes to incorporate the birth of their youngest daughter. Everything was so sweet… I had chills- and even tears– through most of the concert.

So why am I writing about a concert? Well honestly, I don’t know. I think it began with the fact that I’m still thinking about it, and still get chills. Additionally, I feel like I can relate to Thomas & Lauren. Thomas said that his life experienced more change in the last two years then he ever could have imagined… and I feel the same way! They got two kids at the same time, and so did I. They hit 27 and so did I (btw guys, we’re way closer to 30 than 20 now… just let that sink in). They faced challenges and growth at a rapid pace, and so did my husband and I.

We all could take a lesson from the Akins family. Their unapologetic displays of love for the Lord, as well as for each other. Their bravery as they share so much of their personal lives with the world, which I can only assume is in the spirit of being “real people” and role models. Their philanthropic hearts. This family is great.