Friday Thoughts

Disclaimer: I just learned that you can make playlists on YouTube two days ago. Yeah, I’m nailing this whole “millennial” thing.

First, let me start by saying that I do not feel this way about any of my ex’s…


… but I hope that one of them feels this way about me! LOL. Like, don’t you hope you messed up [at least] one of your ex’s like this?! #Petty

Anyway y’all… this song tugs at my heartstrings!! I know Blake didn’t write it, so allegedly it’s not directly about Miranda or anything (yeah okay, Blake…), but man. The emotion in this performance!


I’ll tell you what song does directly apply to me, in reference to my husband…


For real, though.

This weekend we’re celebrating Father’s Day celebrating my husband and my father-in-law and all they do for our family. I even bought myself my husband a Father’s Day gift… we’re getting family pictures made! I am thrilled.

We’re also 9 days away from leaving for the beach! I’m not sure what I’m most looking forward to… playing in the sand with the girls, shopping, or the look on my husbands face when he realizes I really could just lay by the pool for 12 hours a day.

This will be our first family vacation, as well as the girls first big beach trip ever. So we’re pretty much as stoked as can be!

There I am…

Happy Friday, Friends!


So about this Election Season…

Hey There!

I’m feeling the need for a little honesty regarding this little thing happening in November… you may have heard but our country has this tiny event approaching called the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. In this media-driven age we live in, basically all I see from my friends on “either side” is negativity, criticism, and downright hate. Here’s my little vent session, basically so I can get it off my chest and feel better:

First- My Beliefs:

  • I believe that it is our civic duty to vote, and all eligible should exercise that right.
  • I lean socially more liberal, but conservative in basically all other areas, so picking a candidate requires I educate myself rather than just “pick a side.”

Vote for the Perfect Best Candidate who’s views align most closely with yours.

NO CANDIDATE is going to make everyone happy. Realistically, no candidate is going to meet 100% of your needs in their platform. This is why we operate on a system of checks and balances. People are seriously hung up on the “extremist” views of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders but in reality, should either of them be our next President, they will have to jump through serious hoops to try and make their more radical plans a reality. So take a breath, people! For example, if Bernie Sanders gets elected, the wealthiest 2%’s taxes aren’t going to skyrocket the next day…

Reality Check:

With advances in technology, there is more Presidential scrutiny every year. Y’all, these Presidents’ serve in 4-year terms… Our current one is at the end of his 2nd term. Think about technology 8 years ago… When I voted in the 2008 election, I was a college freshman with a LG En-V 3 maroon flip phone, a baby pink digital camera, and an active MySpace page. Of course President Obama is harshly criticized, and of course he is being challenged on decisions he has made similar to presidents before him who did not get the same blow back. And OF COURSE republican’s have deemed him the “worst President ever” because- DUH- conservative people obviously don’t agree with his liberal views & decisions! That’s how this two-party system we have works. This would be happening in some capacity no matter who our current President is, or what party they represent.

Reality- EVERY President from here on out will continue to be painstakingly scrutinized by society thanks to our advances in technology, “bandwagon” mindset, and quick nature to make posts “viral” without doing our research and collecting factual data.

As a Nation, I am afraid we will never be 100% happy with any President. Unfortunately, I believe if our brutal nature continues, serving two-terms will become a thing of the past, because each President will be “such a disgrace” that we “have to” get someone new in the White House. Candidates will also continue to flip back and forth between parties because when one is “the worst President ever,” some people will be encouraged to vote in the other direction, or people who regularly don’t vote will hit the polls. You also have to keep our young voters in mind… Whoever can captivate the 18-24 year old audience will always have an advantage for sure.

How we can Make a Difference:

  • Rather than obsessively bash whichever candidate(s) you’re unhappy with, instead highlight why you’re preferred candidate is the best choice. “Kill ’em with kindness” as they say, and truly educate your friends and family in the process. Because seriously- ain’t nobody got time to read through a war zone every day on their Facebook feed… Less Trump meme’s and more cat videos, please!
  • If you’re concerned about extremists, understand that whatever happens, we are still a democracy and there are many, many people who will keep our next President “in-line.” Checks and balances, my friends.
  • Quit comparing our Presidents and/or Presidential candidates to those of the past… technology and media is a whole different ball game now, and continuously getting more aggressive. I’m willing to bet every President has had plenty of poor decision-making and “dirty laundry” that just never got out…


Now this is just an introduction…

Hey there, world! My name is Ashley and after several years of private journaling, I’ve decided to take my thoughts to the world & try my luck at blogging. Warning: I work best in “organized chaos” so if that doesn’t suite you, turn back now.

I was born in Richmond, VA, and raised outside of the city by a slew of relatives since my mother passed when I was 4-months old. My upbringing was just about as non-traditional as they come. I have one half-sister who comes with my brother-in-law and two perfect nieces. I was a first-generation college student, later becoming the first in my family to receive a Masters degree. I consider myself to be extremely independent, and my stubbornness in this area could be considered my biggest flaw. Family dynamics is an area I have a lot to say in… I’m sure you’ll hear all about my crazy family in the future.

I have an amazing boyfriend, who has two incredible daughters from his previous marriage. I consider myself a “Stepmom-In-Training” (which I also find hysterical). I am very lucky to have my boyfriend as my best friend and #1 fan, and he and his daughters mean everything to me. I’m one of those “fall-off-the-map-when-in-a-relationship” kind of girls, and I own it. My relationship has shown me yet another level of interesting family dynamics, and I’m sure my pre-made family will inspire a number of posts.

I am an entry-level professional in higher education- Student Affairs, working at my undergraduate alma mater in Residence Life. Working in this field, alongside people who supervised me as an undergraduate, in a very small town, living alone, has its ups and downs which I’m sure you will hear all about. I am constantly trying to decide whether career or family should take priority on any given day. I’m also in a “quarter-life-crisis” and am thinking about changing career fields to work in the K-12 sector of education. You will certainly hear about this (selfishly because I need input!).

I consider myself half-classy and half-inappropriate, with several curse words sprinkled on top. I’m just a 20-something trying to organize this messy thing we call life, one “to-do” list at a time.

Happy Reading!



(Side note- If you knew the title of this was from the All That theme song, you rock.)