Awkward Moments

“They are so cute!” “They’re adorable!” “I love her curly hair!

Seriously- looking for advice- how am I supposed to respond to these comments?

We had SD5’s birthday party this weekend and she had a blast! Not to mention, selfishly, I can report that there weren’t any awkward moments… I really felt like a nuclear family… like those were our full-time biological kids. I felt like a parent. I felt great.

Anyway, something I’ve always found awkward is comments about how they look… “They are so cute!” How am I supposed to respond to these comments? A biological parent would respond, “Thank you!” but I didn’t have anything to do with how cute they turned out. Now, “I love their outfit!” is a compliment I could accept… but not ones like, “She has the prettiest eyes!” [Even though SD3’s hair and eyes look like mine… she really gets that from her Daddy.]

“Thank you!” doesn’t make sense, but “Yeah, I think they’re cute too!” doesn’t feel like the right response either. “Yeah, they are!” sounds like a brag, and again, one I have no place to say, anyway.

Does anyone have any input or advice from these awkward moments? Any other awkward moments you’re willing to share? I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Awkward Moments”

  1. I would say something like “I know, her eyes are pretty aren’t they?” or if it is a comment on her hair “I always adore her curls as well, she is beautiful”. I understand it gets a bit tricky how to respond. That kind of stuff does get easier as they get older. I have two teen SD and those are close to what I would say if anyone compliments to me about them. I think adding onto the compliment yourself really can help your SD take notice that you too care about her and feel she is truly beautiful or precious. With older kids and teens, they usually are pretty good stating you are not their “mom” but “step-mom”, not in a disrespectful way, but as their own way to make it comfortably known so others don’t seem confused. I am use to it and I just add to the compliments or, in a comfortable enough situation, add that she has her moms pretty eyes or her dads, to show respect to the fact that they are not my biological children and their attributes are from someone else. Going with the flow works best and adding to the compliment can’t really hurt.

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