LEO Wife Update

Back in the day, I posted What Dating a LEO Means to Me.

Since I married the greatest man on earth back in December, I have a had a new/refreshed sense of pride in my husband and what he does. It’s strange… I feel like marriage shouldn’t have changed a lot about us, but it definitely did. Well, it didn’t change a lot, but it certainly grew my feelings for him to a whole new level I didn’t realize was possible.

Anyway… y’all know I can go off on a tangent thinking about my man… back to the story. I am so proud of him and his career as a Police Officer. I’ve got to see him do some pretty awesome things over the years. I’ve seen him get promoted, and switch platoons to serve as a relief supervisor. I’ve seen him be selected for a position working with our city’s youth in the schools. He’s so passionate about kids, y’all. *Swoon* I’ve seen him get selected to lead the departments part-time bike patrol, which he’s probably embarrassed I mentioned, but wow does he look great in those little padded bike shorts! I’ve seen him supervise a team of officers and keep large events organized time and time again. Y’all, he is so organized. I’ve seen him serve as acting Sergeant for his unit. This year, he was chosen to work the Presidential Inauguration, and traveled to D.C., was trained, and sworn in as a U.S. Marshall for the weekend. Talk about the most stressful weekend of my life… but that’s another post for another day…


I’ve gone on more ride along’s than I can remember, and seen everything from him helping an old lady in assisted living, to him having to draw any number of weapons on people. (Sidebar: Never fired, thank God. Contrary to what the left wants you to think, the vast majority of police officers have never shot their gun at work… and they don’t want to!). I’ve seen him ripped away from family time, or more regularly sleep, to be sent on high-risk calls with the tactical unit (S.W.A.T. Team). I’ve been woken up by those calls, and that part is not-so-cool. I’ve seen his job impact the custody schedule, and that devastates him. I’ve seen him have to leave the girls with me to go to work, and we all miss him so much it hurts.

Let the record show, he definitely cringed when he read my title today. He will hate that I wrote about his job, because “people don’t like law enforcement.” But I’m confident my readers do. I am so proud of him every day, and I think it’s disgusting he has to feel worried about people knowing what he does for a living. This man puts the safety of our city… of people he doesn’t even know… first and foremost every day. This summer he will celebrate 10 years with the police department… 10 years!! What an amazing commitment and sacrifice this man has made to our city.

He is a father, son, and husband. He is a great human. He is incredible, inspirational, and truly my hero. I will never be able to show him how much he means to me, or how proud I am of him. I stand behind the thin blue line.



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