Five Things: Refocus

Howdy, Y’all!

(Okay, I’m from Virginia. That is not actually a phrase I say.)

Y’all know I was “in my feels” (as my younger cousins would say) last week… So this week, I’m refocusing. This is a happy week, it has to be. I deserve it! My family deserves it! So in return, here’s this week’s Five Things, with a twist. I’m mapping out the things I plan to do this week to refocus on what’s important.

ONE: Love on my Babies! All 3 of them *wink- husband.* We have the girls 4 overnights/5 days this week, and I am so beyond excited about it. I cannot wait to love all over them every chance I get! I’m focusing on always intentionally showing them the positive side of me. Modeling happiness will in return make them happy! Such a simple fact that so many parents make the mistake of forgetting…

TWO: Show Grace. I plan on showing grace to everyone I can. I’m not letting anyone get me down this week, no sir! This is so important for me as a wife, stepmom, coworker, and friend. There is so much out of my control every day, but I am always in control of my reactions, both internal and external.


THREE: Be Patient. Okay, so my friend CML is going to have to keep me in check with this one at work. I need to be more patient this week. With the girls (y’all- “terrible two’s” are real), with my husband, and even with my colleagues.

FOUR: Trust the Lord. I don’t write much about my faith, mostly because I’m not “as developed” in it as I feel I should be before writing about it. I’m no expert, or exemplary role model in this area. But I am a believer, and I do trust that God has a plan. I believe I need to work hard to reach the end goal, but I believe He has a plan. I hope to pray more this week… especially for BM.

FIVE: Persevere. I plan to push forward and rise above whatever challenges are presented this week. I plan to stay organized, stay vigilant, and stay aware of the tremendous blessings I have. I plan to lead by example at home and at work, and stay faithful that as with any rough patches we may face, this too shall pass.


Anyone else out there planning to refocus this week? Sometimes, we all just need a little kick in the right direction…



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