My Valentine…

First, I’ve always been pretty indifferent about Valentine’s Day. Never loved it or hated it. I mean, I have always loved chocolate and flowers but if I don’t get them, it’s not a big deal.

I just want to take a moment to brag on my husband… first of all, WHAT A STUD.

Second, WOW… I have never in my life met such a selfless, hard-working man.

As you may know (depending on how long you’ve been reading), he is a police officer. Last August, he was fortunate enough to be selected for a “sort of regular working hours” position within the police department. His actual schedule is 7am-3pm, but he works late every day (normally until 4pm or so), then picks up an evening off-duty job almost every night that we don’t have the girls.

He does this for us… the four of us. He does this so that we can live “comfortably” (???) while paying our bills… So that we can take the girls to fun places and/or buy them things that they want. Of course, I work a full-time job too, but he is certainly the bread winner here.

He cooks dinner every night that he is home. That’s right- these girls get to see their Daddy cook them dinner every night. He helps with keeping our home clean and we “split the chores” without even a discussion. We’re a team. We just do what needs to be done and it’s amazing.

He is always on the ground playing with the girls, whether he’s turned our living room into a wrestling arena, or he’s helping the 4 year old learn her alphabet.

He puts the 3 of us before himself day in and day out. I can’t remember the last time he bought himself something “for fun.” He truly is one-of-a-kind, and I still cannot believe I’m lucky enough to be his wife!

I am so thankful for all the girls I’m sure he swooned when he was growing up, who he didn’t take a chance on. I’m so thankful that his two previous serious relationships didn’t last. I’m especially thankful for the last one, because without her, we wouldn’t have these two AMAZING girls. Whenever I get weighed down in the “hard parts” of having a blended family, I remember all the things I’m thankful for. And I think about him. How good he is to me and the girls. How selfless he is. What an amazing role model he is. He makes me a better person. The craziest thing is, everyone says that we will just continue to fall more and more in love with each other with time… I can’t even imagine loving him anymore! I am so thankful for my husband, and I wouldn’t want to do this life without him.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe! I hope I never let a day go by without showing you how much you mean to me.

Love Always, Ashley


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