College Students… The Worst?

Having worked in Higher Education at three different institutions over the past 5 years, I’ve seen a lot. There are definitely a boat-load of commonalities that I will never begin to fathom, so here it is… my “Friday Vent-Sesh” if you will…

  1. All college students walk through the halls like they have nowhere to be. No sense of urgency or of their surroundings.
  2. They’ll also stop walking right in front of you and literally give 0 f’s when you run right into them.
  3. They take forever to select what soda they want from the fountain, and somehow even longer to fill up their cups. WHY did Coca-Cola have to bless us with those machines that have every option imaginable?!
  4. They cannot compose an email to save their lives. I mean, I’m talking about graduate or doctorate level students writing in all lowercase, run-on sentences, huge typos… Like, computer’s spell check themselves these days! Why is this even an issue? Oh yeah, spell check can’t fix stupid.
  5. They cannot dress themselves. I am currently at a school with a pretty strict dress code for students, but these students still clearly “DGAF” and are clinging onto Queen Bey’s “I woke up like this” mantra, because seriously people did you even look in the mirror?
  6. They have a complete lack of accountability. Whether it’s about housing policies or academic policies, it is most certainly never the students fault. Excuse me?! And y’all this isn’t just the 18-year-old freshmen… this is the 50 year old Masters students too. Because clearly it’s your professors fault you have a 2.0 GPA and are now on Academic Suspension…
  7. They cannot drive. Honestly just because you’re driving a hoopty, does not mean you should drive it like you stole it.
  8. Their parents/guardians/older siblings/significant others are overinvolved. *Helicopter Parents* Yes, this one is geared towards the younger students… but even in my current job, I’ve had a parent call on behalf of their 30-year old son. When I was working in Housing, I had students significant others come speak to me on behalf of the student all the time. Circle back up to #6… this is definitely why students have no sense of accountability. When will parents (and others) learn it’s okay to let your child fail sometimes? I am a firm believer that the best learning opportunities come from experiencing failure.
  9. They cannot follow instructions. It doesn’t matter what the topic is or how clearly you spell it out… they will still get it wrong.
  10. They care way more about how many “likes” they get on Instagram then they care about how we view them or think about them.

So friends… do you have a child approaching college age?! If so, please, please help me and my fellow Higher Education professionals out and do not let them fall into the traps of this list.

Thank you in advance,



2 thoughts on “College Students… The Worst?”

  1. I have two teen boys moving on to higher education. My oldest just started tech school and he is the complete opposite of this list! His goal (yes, goal!) is to be at the top of his class and get every award possible including one for “professionalism”. He snapchats and tunes out like a normal 18 yr old, but only at home LOL
    My other teen is a junior and has his eye on the prize choosing a college based upon what he wants out of it, not what it offers socially. Many of their friends are the same way, but they have a few “do-less” friends as well. It starts at home.

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