Five Things…a Ramble.

Happy Monday!

I’ve missed these posts! So I’m going to jump right into kicking off our Monday with this weeks Five Things [Ramble Edition!]

ONE: This weekend, we took the girls to see the local high school’s theater performance of Beauty and the Beast… it was amazing! I’m pretty sure my husband and I enjoyed it as much as the kids did. We even got the girls “enchanted roses” that they were instructed to turn on when Belle tells the Beast she loves him. It was awesome and I still have the soundtrack stuck in my head…

TWO: Literally hours after my last post about anxiety posted, bio-mom got all crazy with my husband again regarding which school we will send our oldest to for Kindergarten in the fall. Her blow up couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Although my husband would tell you I was in “a mood” for a good chunk of the evening, I really did take my own advice from my post, took a breath, and kept it moving. I reminded myself that she is constantly hurting from not allowing herself to move forward, and that I can’t take her episodes too seriously for that reason. But man was that ironic timing…

THREE: The Super Bowl was CRAZY! I don’t follow football, but I do follow the American traditions of hating Tom Brady, and rooting for the underdogs. Also, since I got engaged in Atlanta, I have deemed all Atlanta sports “my teams.” (Sound reasoning for picking sports teams, right?!). I cannot believe the Patriots made that comeback!! So today, I am a football fan, and a sad one. Tomorrow, I will forget all about this.

FOUR: My work bestie is in the sweetest new relationship ever, and I LOVE getting to hear all about how good her man is to her!! I love getting to catch up with her every day and hear about how their love is blossoming! Anyway, she shared a quote with me from him that really hit home… he told her something to the effect of, “I want our relationship to be full of grace, because no one is perfect.” That is such an important message and one that thankfully is applicable to my relationship as well. I’m going to work harder every day to apply that to my other relationships too… friendships, colleagues, etc. Everyone deserves to be shown some grace.

FIVE: My husband and I are heading out of town to a Capitals game this weekend! (I know… they’re not my team… Go Thrashers!) I CANNOT WAIT for this little getaway! Sometimes it’s healthy to get away and escape reality for a bit. And we love hockey. And we love road trips. It’s going to be excellent & this work week cannot go by any quicker!!

Okay y’all sorry this was basically just one big ramble… but it’s a good indication of how my days are going! I love writing and I’m so thankful I have this opportunity to interact with you all. Have a great week!



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