Five Things- RECAP!

Hey, hey!

…cue Eminem *Guess who’s back… back again…*…

I can’t believe I let you guys slip away from me for so long! I’ve finally decided to get back into it, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. So here I am, making my re-entry with a special edition Five Things- RECAP.

ONE: A lot has changed since the last time I wrote! A few weeks after my last post, I relocated back to the same area as my “boyfriend,” and began a new job at a new University in Academic Affairs (Registrar’s Office). *RIP to the #SAPro posts* I’m awarding Graduate and Doctoral level degrees at a very large institution and I LOVE what I’m doing! The perfect combination of organization and chaos.

TWO: In November, my “boyfriend” took me to Atlanta (reference- Five Things- Survey!) and he PROPOSED!!! I was absolutely shocked. Probably more shocking than that is that in December, WE ELOPED! So yes, all those things you read me dreaming about have come to fruition. I am now a full-blown LEO wife and Stepmom, and it’s the absolute

THREE: Probably obvious but the girls had birthdays! They’re now 2 and 4, going on 16 and 18 I swear. It has been an incredible year of milestones and transitions and they have been amazing through it all!

FOUR: Yes, we are still dealing with the high-conflict bio-mom and everything that comes along with that. The good news is, since my last post, the custody agreement was finalized and they have joint legal AND joint physical custody! The bad news is, high-conflict bio-mom thinks she is the primary parent with all the rights and with physical custody… LOL. We’re taking it day by day, people! I know all my Stepmom friends out there can understand this one!!

FIVE: I’ve made some really fabulous friends with the relocating! My HUSBAND (*swoon*) and I have a core group of couple friends, and I have some amazing friends, mostly from work. (One in particular who I know will read this and who I know will be mad if I don’t single her out.. I’m talking to you, CML!). We are living together (obviously), loving our jobs, LOVING our girls, and it really feels like everything has fallen into place for the time being.

Well, that’s all for now! I’m looking forward to diving back into some of your blogs and catching up with you all! Thanks for stopping by after all this time!

– Ashley