Our good friend the court system…

Howdy! *Quick vent for my Stepmom friends*

I see several of my stepmom followers post about their woes with the court systems… serious question- why does it take so long to get a ruling? If you go to trail and the judge needs time to “think about it” before making a decision, why can’t their assistant just give your attorney a call within 48-hours with his/her decision? Why does it need to be a big “let’s wait a month and then go back to court to hear the decision” production…?!

Maybe it’s the most frustrating because there are little ones involved, and everyone wants to spend as much time with them as possible. Maybe if this was us waiting to hear the results of a DUI we would appreciate the delay. Regardless, I do have respect for judges and understand they’re busy, but I would love to know what this delay is all about!

What other frustrations are out there in Stepmom + “Stepmom-in-Training” land? How’s your April been so far?


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