“The Girls”

18 things about the girls that make me happy, that I love, or that I just think are so cute it’s selfish of me not to share:

How excited they get to see me and their dad (especially their dad).

When the 3 year old sings in the car (and demands that no one else sing along with her).

The fact that the 1 year old now talks all.the.time.

How the 3 year old loves when I give her “butterfly kisses.”

Watching their dad play with them, whether he’s playing with toys, talking to Mickey Mouse on a fake cell phone, or acting like a ninja while having one of their blankets tied around his head.

When the 1 year old will typically only go to me and no one else (even though I know I have to put a stop to this… and even though it can be really inconvenient… and even though this sometimes means she stands their crying while I clean/cook/use the bathroom/ do my makeup, etc.) It’s still my favorite.

That the 1 year old eats better than the 3 year old.

When their dad puts the “special filters” on either of them via Snapchat…

When the 1 year old refuses to take off her shoes and/or jacket.

How the 3 year old is so sweet and thoughtful and is constantly checking in with us… i.e. if I cough she will say, “Ashley, are you sick?! I have medicine if you need some!”

That they both love purses and hair bows.

When the 3 year old- without prompting- tells me that she loves me, and/or tells me that I’m her best friend.

That the 3 year old tries to be the best, most loving big sister, and the 1 year old just isn’t having it.

That the 1 year old would rather “fight” than get the baby talk/ticking/cute things done to her.

That they love The Little Mermaid.

That the 3 year old can tell you that jeans are “not comfy.” (duh)

How they look up to their daddy so much, even though he doesn’t always realize it because they like hanging with “the girls” a lot.

They give the best hugs and kisses in the whole world.

I’m so lucky to have such amazing little girls in my life… I’d love to hear about your family! Let me know what your kids do that you just love.


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