Five Things- Valentines Day

What a week it’s been!

ONE: I only worked 3 days this week. I spent the later part of the week at 2 viewings and the funeral for my boyfriends little cousin. What an emotional week… but so much inspiration was found in hearing the kind words of his family and friends, and through the absolutely beautiful funeral service. Even in tragedy, it was a renewed faith sort of week for many, despite the circumstances.


TWO: After my recently found obsession with, my boyfriend and I have begun looking into different facets of my wildly non-traditional family and events that have occurred. I know they say “every family has a secret,” but I need to know where the other families like mine are, who have about 300? I’m sure some of these findings will inspire a later post(s).

THREE: We got the girls Minion plates, silverware, and water bottles and they are in love with them. My boyfriend wasn’t in love with the price, but I consider it a small price to pay to break up all of the princess/Minnie/Sophia the First nonsense throughout the house. Now, if we can only teach the baby she doesn’t need to tilt the cup up (since it has a straw)…

FOUR: [Lots of posts about my boyfriend this week, but can I just say] My boyfriend ROCKS. I am always so proud of him, but have been exceptionally proud of him this week. Through dealing with the loss this week, and dealing with all the moving piece of selling a house, upcoming court, etc. plus continuing to work his crazy job [and date me, his crazy girlfriend], he has continued to show how loving and caring he is. I am impressed with his daddy and girlfriend skills every day.

FIVE: Several weeks ago, we decided we weren’t doing Valentines Day gifts. A couple of weeks ago, and last week, we again confirmed this was our plan. A few days ago, I let him know I said truly stuck to our plan and had nothing for him but a card. Valentines Day morning, the first words he said to me when we woke up was, “Do you want your gift now?” Of course, he got me something. Even thought I felt guilty for actually not getting him anything, I still am so thankful that he is so thoughtful, charming, and romantic.

I guess this was nothing but a bunch of mushy boyfriend stuff but hey, tis the season, right?! 

Have a good week, folks!

– Ashley


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