Five Things- It’s February?

Does time really move faster each year?! Let’s get right to this weeks update…

ONE: Honestly, I hope this year flies by, because it’s off to a miserable start. It seems like we can never catch a break. The latest being, my boyfriend’s little cousin passed away on Sunday following a motorcycle accident… he was only 19. This week will be filled with viewings and the funeral. Please keep his family in your thoughts & prayers during this time!

TWO: *Real talk* People are up in arms about Beyonce’s halftime performance because of her being “too black” and sending an anti-police message…? First, I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with her highlighting prominent aspects of the African-american culture, and paying homage to black activists. She can do this anytime, but also it’s Black History Month (duh, people). Second, I’m pretty sure she sent no direct anti-police message (but, if I truly thought my entire race was being targeted by this sub-group, I would be upset too) (I’m obviously very pro-police, and I wasn’t offended by her performance or music video). Flashback to my last “Five Things” where I mentioned people get entirely too offended these days! Just enjoy the music, people! #QueenBey


THREE: I took a quiz on to see which presidential candidate my views align the most closely with… It’s a long, detailed quiz regarding your views on pretty much every big issue this election season. Apparently my views align 86% with Donald Trump. I am disgusted and my boyfriend is thrilled. I’m still unimpressed with every single candidate on both sides, so basically I’m just banking on the whole “checks-and-balances” system we’ve got going on to get us through the next 4-8 years… (I do firmly believe we should all exercise our civic duty to vote, and I also hate when people say they’ll “move out of the country” if X candidate gets elected. This is America, people! It doesn’t get any better than this.)

FOUR: I’m hosting 3 major campus events this semester, the first of which is tomorrow! We’re doing an “Empty the Halls” basketball game with all sorts of raffles and giveaways and such… a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!! (but I will bank on permanent bragging rights if my community has the highest attendance… just saying)

FIVE: Every single day for the past roughly 9-10 days, I’ve had a day-dream about laying on the beach… I think that’s a sure sign I need to make it happen ASAP. I’m an East Coast girl… no excuse to not make it happen! (I don’t know how people live in an area where the beach isn’t easily accessible)

What do you have going on in your week? Let me know in the comments.



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