Five Things- Snow Weekend

Happy Monday! I’m just going to jump right into this one…

  1. In Central VA we got something like 15″ of snow this weekend (Blizzard Jonas…?)… That’s a big deal for us. I was fortunate enough to be on-call for my department, not to mention snowed into a residence hall full of 415+ 18-19 year olds… So you can imagine how much I enjoyed my weekend.
  2. You can’t please everyone! I’m telling you, we have gotten way too politically correct as a society. It’s a shame that when you genuinely try to inquire about or discuss something you’re unfamiliar with, you have to worry about getting called out for being micro-aggressive. Seriously, I’m a student affairs professional, I know what a micro-aggression is and I know to shut them down… But if someone you’re close to is being genuine in their discussion but coming across as offensive to you, you should actually just answer their question and keep the learning conversation going, rather then call them out and make them never want to ask a question again. Absolutely ridiculous and incredibly discouraging.
  3. I couldn’t spend this snow-weekend with my boyfriend and his daughters, and that was absolutely devastating to me. The good news is, they hated the snow so I didn’t miss much.
  4. I got to bond with some of my staff & residents this weekend while we were snowed in… that was a plus! (and a good Samaritan resident bought a ton of pizzas for everyone, so that was great.)
  5. While snowed in this week, I took time to reflect on myself and where I see myself in the next few years. I’ve come to a 100% decision that life is too short and that I will be making big changes in order to be happy. New challenges and tightening up my close friend group is certainly on deck. People change and that’s okay. No use putting effort in to a lost cause.

Can you tell I’ve had one of those weeks?! What’s on your mind this week?

– Ashley


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