Mid-Year Training… The Struggle Is REAL.

Hey there!

As I mentioned, this week I held mid-year training for all of our department student-staff. As a Residence Life professional, that equates to roughly 150 Resident Assistants and Desk Aides.

That’s 3 days of sessions, workshops, and activities. Not only was I one of the people handling all logistics (the schedule, room changes, etc.), I also presented/facilitated five times. Within those five times, I had a realization… These people are really trusting me to be an expert on these topics! My word is golden here. If I give misinformation, I’ve done them a disservice. If I don’t ask the right reflection questions or foster healthy discussions, I’ve failed. As a new-ish professional, this is terrifying.

As a supervisor and as a professional in Student Affairs, I always want to give my staff members 110%. I don’t ever want to be seen as a fraud. Is any supervisor ever sure that they’re going about things the most perfect way?! Do I come across as if I know what I’m doing? As if I’m both competent and able? Who knows.

A whole semester of planning came down to 2.5 days of trying my best, training a staff typically less-than-enthused to be there, and hoping that at least one person took something positive away from the experience. This is a viscous cycle in the life of a Student Affairs professional. So as exhausted as I am, cheers to a new semester which will [hopefully] be filled with a re-energized staff, residents who continue to grow and develop, and myself learning every step of the way.

#SAPro’s – Has your semester kicked off yet? How are you hanging in there! Let me know in the comments.


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