Five Things – NEW YEAR Edition!

Hey Everyone!

Just stopped by to drop a quick Five Things… (but this one’s more like “Five Random Facts from the past TWO Weeks). NO I didn’t forget about you… the holiday’s were insane, followed by a week in bed with a terrible sinus infection! *Rookie mistake* But let’s start this year off right.

ONE: I took my boyfriend to Yogaville for the first time… his reaction was hysterical. I still think that place is totally worth checking out if you’re ever in the Central VA area & looking for something different. Very peaceful and gives you an abroad sensation.

Lotus in Yogaville

TWO: I successfully got the 3-year old in love with Despicable Me, and taught her how to talk like a Minion. So there’s that.

THREE: New Year’s Eve reaffirmed for me [yet again] that my favorite type of “party” is hanging out with friends at someone’s house sitting around playing games and having some casual drinks. The bar industry is a scam!! Stay home, people.

FOUR: Sinus infections are THE. WORST. I mean really… what a miserable week (and still not completely over it!).

FIVE: In #SAPro world, my student staff returns this week and January training is Wednesday-Friday. (So this is likely my first and last post for the week).

Is this time of year crazy for anyone else?! Let me know what’s going on in your world…


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