What dating a LEO means to me…

I couldn’t be more proud of my boyfriend and his career in law enforcement… But let’s be clear- working in law enforcement is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. I learned quickly that there’s way more to it than how sexy he looks in his uniform (*yum*)… Being a LEO girlfriend means

  1. Not being able to spend every night by his side
  2. Knowing his schedule for years out, but still having to RSVP “No” to things because he just can’t take off of work the way I can
  3. The unknown fears entailed with him on a SWAT call
  4. Having to sit in a certain seat facing a certain direction at every restaurant
  5. Also- having to avoid many of my favorite restaurants because of the dreaded, “I’ve arrested a few guys who work there…”
  6. Basically- seeing someone who he’s either arrested, barricaded, busted in their door with the SWAT team, or in some way been involved with on a call literally everywhere that we go (Why are so many of you breaking the law out there, people?!)
  7. Completely opposite work schedules 50% of the year
  8. Watching his “friends” and relatives (not to mention, my friends and relatives) only ever text or call him if they have a legal question
  9. Enjoying a Memorial Day baseball game together… i.e. him working it for off-duty, and me sitting in the stands alone
  10. Court on his days off
  11. Always wondering if he’ll be home on time, or if he’ll get hung up on a late call
  12. Never being 100% sure he will make it home at the end of a shift
  13. The terror that is house hunting in the city. “Not that neighborhood, not that street, no…”
  14. Waiting to hear what lie he’s going to tell strangers when they ask what he does for a living
  15. Never needing a GPS to get anywhere in the city- even random streets within neighborhoods
  16. Knowing he’s always packing- highly trained and qualified to do so- and knowing that he will always keep me safe
  17. Realizing how truly selfless he is, and that he always puts me and the girls first
  18. Immeasurable pride in him every single day
  19. Knowing that he will be upset with this post, because he hates to openly tell others his occupation due to the negative stereotypes connected to LEO’s

I will never be able to put in to words how proud I am of him every day. It’s a shame that LEO’s have to be so paranoid about how society perceives them, when they are truly our local heroes. Why is it that people love firefighters, but people hate LEO’s? Both are dedicated to keeping you- typically complete strangers– safe and out of harms way.

Please take a moment to thank all of your local heroes who work in public safety. Take a moment to think about law enforcement officers and their families who sacrifice so much for the safety of your community, and who receive little to no recognition or praise for doing so.


“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9

Do you have a LEO in your life? How else does it impact you? Leave it in the comments!


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