Five Things- Christmas Edition

A new Monday, a new Five Things I Learned Last Week post…

ONE: There is NO BETTER FEELING than watching a 3 year old see what Santa brought her. She laughed and smiled all weekend, and my heart was so full. I’ve never had such a rewarding Christmas.

TWO: A plus side to having a blended family is that we got to celebrate Christmas all weekend long, and the girls got presents everywhere we went! (I know Christmas isn’t about the presents, but anything that puts a smile on their faces makes me overwhelmed with emotions)

THREE: Kid-movies as an adult are a whole new ball game. We watched Despicable Me and all I could do was compliment the social justice lessons. We watched The Little Mermaid and I literally cried when Ariel’s dad gave her away to be married. I CRIED during The Little Mermaid… WHAT?!

FOUR: We all need to take a minute to thank the people in public service who work during the holidays… law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, doctors, etc. THANK YOU. I am so lucky that my officer was by chance off all of Christmas weekend.

FIVE: Family really is where it’s at. Even when it’s messy, even when they’re a pain, being with family always does put a smile on my face.

What did you learn this holiday week? Let me know in the comments!

– Ashley

All of the grandkids (missing one!) and great-grandkids on my paternal side — Christmas 2015

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