The Stages of Abandoning CrossFit

Alright, friends. Since the holidays are upon us and my clothes are fitting tighter than ever, I wanted to share with you my recent journey abandoning CrossFit. After CrossFitting for 2.5 years, I moved in July of 2015, bringing my journey with the sport to a screeching hault (See- Top 5 Things to Consider before Relocating for a Job in Student Affairs). Here’s a small glimpse of how that’s been going:

Step #1: Denial. I joined a traditional gym and started going alone. This, of course, led to me completely pulling cardio out of my routine, and just lifting in the weight room alone. With a men’s bar. And no control over the music. Needless to say, this wasn’t my cup of tea. I then looked into the “Beachbody” workouts, since that’s a big craze in this area & I know 1 million Beachbody coaches. I quickly decided that is not for me either.

Step #2: Anger. I joined the small [only] CrossFit in my new town, then quit. The right CrossFit gym fits like a glove, and the vibe you get is everything. The small CrossFit in this town just wasn’t for me- the vibe was all wrong, the talent wasn’t up to the standard of my old box, and the coach made several comments I just didn’t agree with. If this is your home box and you love it, great! It just wasn’t for me.

Side bar: It was around this time I decided to go for a run with my boyfriend, and felt so out of shape that I just walked and cried.

Step #3: Lying to Myself. Bargaining. I began thinking, “If I just don’t eat like crap, my body will stay exactly the same” and, “There are all sorts of people who don’t work out and claim they feel great (right?!).” Then those bargains changed over to, “I don’t have time to workout, anyway” and “my boyfriend thinks I’m beautiful!”

Step #4: Depression. Okay, I don’t think this was legitimate depression, but at some point I decided I needed to unfollow every single CrossFit-ish account that I followed on social media because seeing the posts made me devastated. (I didn’t unfollow my actual friends, just “CrossFit Celebrities,” different boxes, companies, etc.) I realized I had no need for lifting tips, new gear, or to look up “#GAINZ” and see what crazy things people were posting. I even unfollowed my favorite CrossFit heartthrob, Garret Fisher (RIP to our long-standing, one-direction social media love affair). Also at this point, seeing my friends from my old gym making their #GAINZ made me extra jealous!! (Not to knock y’all though- I’m still SO proud!)

Step #5: Acceptance. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I’ll never CrossFit again, and that’s okay.

JUST KIDDING- when I relocate again, finding a solid CrossFit gym will be one of my highest priorities, and I will be back in the box whipping up those #GAINZ again before you know it. This current CrossFit Alumna isn’t out of the game forever, trust me!

In the meantime, my plan is to keep eating healthy-ish and maybe run with my boyfriend once a month or so. (Sounds healthy, right?!)

To all my old CrossFit friends out there still killing it, I’m watching you and I’m so proud! (Shout-out to CrossFit Lynchburg!)

At the end of the day, find what works for you, and stick to it! Don’t give up what works for you for the sake of anyone or anything.

P.S. to my boyfriend, I promise this will be the last time you see me use #GAINZ because I know you hate that. 🙂


Has your workout routine ever been compromised? Any advice for myself or others? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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