“Stepmom-In-Training” FAQ

Dating a man with two young children is not something that I ever considered I’d be doing at 25. It has turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifeat the expense of my family, friends, and acquaintances asking me the most ridiculous questions every time they see me. I have to share with you all some of the most frequent/funniest/strangest questions I receive (so that you don’t ask me- or anyone else in my position- these questions).

  • “What’s it like dating a man with two kids?!” The same as dating a man with no kids, except instead of spending our free time binge drinking and watching TV, we’re building pretend castles and trying to teach the baby how to talk. (Okay, okay… there’s a little bit of the former when the kids are with their mom)
  • “What do they call you?” By far the funniest question I get. Ashley… they call me Ashley. That’s my name. I’m curious what people are expecting me to say when they ask this?!
  • “What does their mom think of you?” WOW intrusive much?! You’d have to ask her.
  • “Do you just take care of them while your boyfriend just sits there?” LOL… Okay first, way to stereotype based off of gender! Second, my boyfriend is the best, most hands-on father I’ve ever seen. His daughters love him and I am impressed with his parenting abilities every single day. He runs laps around me with those kids.
  • “Are you planning on having real kids?” Wait, what?! These ones are very real. And I’m not even engaged so this is not on my radar. And this is offensive and none of your business.
  • “Are they going to be in your wedding?!” Again, not engaged. Nice try…
    • Always followed up with, “You have built in flower girls!” Yeah, I have those with my nieces, also. Again, nice try…
  • “Do they like you?!” OF COURSE they like me!! Seriously though, they really do love me (and I love them!) What a weird question though… do I seem unlikeable?!

Moral of the story- all families look very different & you should really think before you ask some of these questions! At the end of the day, I’m just trying to maintain a healthy relationship, and be the best role model I can be for the girls, without crossing any boundaries and/or disrespecting their mother. (Piece of cake, right?!)

Are you dating someone with kids, or a stepparent?! Any other wild or intrusive questions you receive? Let me know in the comments!


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