Now this is just an introduction…

Hey there, world! My name is Ashley and after several years of private journaling, I’ve decided to take my thoughts to the world & try my luck at blogging. Warning: I work best in “organized chaos” so if that doesn’t suite you, turn back now.

I was born in Richmond, VA, and raised outside of the city by a slew of relatives since my mother passed when I was 4-months old. My upbringing was just about as non-traditional as they come. I have one half-sister who comes with my brother-in-law and two perfect nieces. I was a first-generation college student, later becoming the first in my family to receive a Masters degree. I consider myself to be extremely independent, and my stubbornness in this area could be considered my biggest flaw. Family dynamics is an area I have a lot to say in… I’m sure you’ll hear all about my crazy family in the future.

I have an amazing boyfriend, who has two incredible daughters from his previous marriage. I consider myself a “Stepmom-In-Training” (which I also find hysterical). I am very lucky to have my boyfriend as my best friend and #1 fan, and he and his daughters mean everything to me. I’m one of those “fall-off-the-map-when-in-a-relationship” kind of girls, and I own it. My relationship has shown me yet another level of interesting family dynamics, and I’m sure my pre-made family will inspire a number of posts.

I am an entry-level professional in higher education- Student Affairs, working at my undergraduate alma mater in Residence Life. Working in this field, alongside people who supervised me as an undergraduate, in a very small town, living alone, has its ups and downs which I’m sure you will hear all about. I am constantly trying to decide whether career or family should take priority on any given day. I’m also in a “quarter-life-crisis” and am thinking about changing career fields to work in the K-12 sector of education. You will certainly hear about this (selfishly because I need input!).

I consider myself half-classy and half-inappropriate, with several curse words sprinkled on top. I’m just a 20-something trying to organize this messy thing we call life, one “to-do” list at a time.

Happy Reading!



(Side note- If you knew the title of this was from the All That theme song, you rock.)


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